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Chosen artworks are delivered also by post or by PPL service. After receiving the order we will tell you the account number, where the paying has to be sent (postal charge and packing charge will be specified according to the price list of the transporter). After receiving your payment the ordered artworks will be sent.

Jelínek Vladimír

Sunday morning (Vladimír Jelínek)
Sunday morning
Vladimír Jelínek
oil on carton
34 x 44 cm
741 EUR
White clouds (Vladimír Jelínek)
White clouds
Vladimír Jelínek
oil on canvas
48 x 58 cm
889 EUR
Black plate (Vladimír Jelínek)
Black plate
Vladimír Jelínek
diameter 38 cm
167 EUR
White plate (Vladimír Jelínek)
White plate
Vladimír Jelínek
diameter 38,5 cm
167 EUR