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IKAROS Galerie Antik: Projekt Výtvarníci proti týrání žen a dětí

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"You are not alone – Czech artists against tyranny of women and children"

About the project

The artworks of 68 participating Czech artists created for the benefit auction were exhibited in our Ikaros Gallery in Slaný, then in the Anderle Gallery in Prague. After that followed the exhibition of artworks in the atrium of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. Followed by the auction in Semafor theatre.
The gains of the auction will be donated to help the victims of violence.
The catalogue edited for the auction is in sale for 50 Kč.

The aim of the project

The aim of this project is to call for reason, sensibility, tolerance and non-violance. That is why this project is called “against tyranny of women and children” who are often the victims of violence.

Our gallery along with the Czech artists participating is trying to show disagreement with what seems to become an every-day reality in our society and often leads to death of women and children – violence.

By the exhibitions and the subsequent auction of the artworks, at least we want to contribute to the discussion about behaviour, which should not be in the list of things allowed in the 21st century.